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Adventure the Beauty of Lake Tanganyika


Explore the Excellence of Lake Tanganyika

Lake Tanganyika is the world’s longest (660km), most profound in Africa second deepest in the world (more than 1436m), and second largest (by volume) freshwater lake. At some place between nine and 13 million years ago, it’s too one of the most seasoned. Much obliged to its age and environmental confinement it’s domestic to a remarkable number of endemic angles, counting 98% of the 250-plus species of cichlids. Cichlids are prevalent in aquarium angles due to their shining colors, and they make Tanganyika an exceptional snorkeling and plunging destination.

Countries that border the lake are the Law-based Republic of Congo, Tanzania, and Zambia. The lake offers openings to mull over the excellence of Burundi through its men and ladies, its nature, its creatures, and its frameworks. Here are the extraordinary things that can be done or seen around Lake Tanganyika in Burundi.

Location of Lake Tanganyika

Located in the Southwest of Tanzania on the DRC border, Lake Tanganyika is very distant from the typical safari and shoreline circuits in Tanzania. Be that as it may, it can come by a brief flight from Dar es Salaam to Kigoma.

Lake Tanganyika is arranged on the line separating the flower districts of eastern and western Africa, and oil palms, which are characteristic of the greenery of western Africa, develop along the lake’s shores. Rice and subsistence crops are developed along the shores, and angling is of a note’s worthiness. Hippopotamuses and crocodiles proliferate, and the winged creature life is varied.

Getting to Lake Tanganyika

It can be a brief flight from Dar es Salaam to Kigoma. For something a bit diverse, The MV Liemba, a 100-year-old ‘indestructible warship’, voyages between Tanzania and Zambia as a traveler ships each other Wednesday on a five-day trip.


Things to do.

Diving and snorkeling.

The water is a reliable 25 degrees Celsius year-round, and permeability in the dry season goes as profound as 20 m. The lake is overflowing with dynamic and colorful cichlids. 98% of the 250 known cichlid species are displayed in this lake.

Most jumping takes put near the shores, so it is extraordinary for fledglings and middle jumpers. You’re required to have PADI certification.

You’ll be snorkeling with a neighborhood master. It’s critical to note that there are crocodiles and hippos, as well as Bilharzia in a few regions of the lake, so going with a nearby proficient is basic.

Several other water sports exercises may be accessible through your settlement, including kayaking, wakeboarding, and water skiing.


Fishing and calculating trips on Lake Tanganyika are exceptionally well known.

There are 350 angle species recorded in the lake, the mammoth Nile roost being the biggest, weighing up to 80 kg. Other huge angles incorporate lake salmon and the goliath tiger fish.

There will be a little expense for angling on Lake Tanganyika, and capture and discharge are the consensus.

Fishing is prohibited between December and February, for preservation purposes, so maintain a strategic distance from these months if you arrange to angle.

Sunset dhow cruise

One of the most well-known evening exercises is climbing on board a dhow (conventional watercraft) and joining the assembly of lantern-laden dug-out canoes heading out to the angle for the evening.

Onboard, you can appreciate sentimental sundowners and observe the nightfall over the lake on a 1.5-hour tour.

Primate experiences

Just along the eastern shores of Lake Tanganyika lie the marvelous Mahale Mountains and the Gombe National Parks. Both flourishing woodland environments, with roughly 1,000 chimpanzees (they were parks in Tanzania with chimpanzees).

Head out on a guided woodland walk to capture a see of our closest relative, as well as up to 82 other natural life species that call the parks home.

A chimp locating is never ensured. Be that as it may, with experienced guides, the chance is great. Once you have found the troop, you will have up to one hour to watch them.

At the edge of Lake Tanganyika, we dance.

Imagine yourself moving all night to conventional music, rumba, and reggae along the lake shore. Take a portion in karaoke or move parties tossed at La Costa Shoreline, Yucca Shoreline, Zion Shoreline, Nyabugete Shoreline, Club du Lac, Tanganyika Club, Cape Town Shoreline, Nonara Shoreline, Adventure Plage, Adventure Vodo, Karera Shoreline, and Dark and White Shoreline. If you think Bujumbura is boisterous over the end of the week at that point, get prepared for the parties on the lake. A cool evening breeze carries the sounds of celebration over the water and well into the night.

Sunbathe with hippos.

Lake Tanganyika is domestic to an astonishing assortment of creatures that pull in sightseers all through the year. The lake is domestic to creatures that live both in the lake and along its banks. It’s incredible seeing spots for crocodiles, but particularly hippos that, from time to time, take off the lake to tan on the shorelines and offer interesting exhibitions to visitors and admirers of nature.

Historical and social visits

The lake is found close to numerous authentic and social destinations, including antiquated ruins, sanctuaries, and churches. These destinations offer a see into the wealthy history and culture of the locale, and guests can teach almost all the individuals who lived here in the past.

Some of the most well-known chronicled and social locales in the region incorporate the old city of Ujiji, the Kigoma Historical Center, and the Mission of the White Fathers. For those interested in history and culture, Lake Tanganyika is an incredible put to visit.

Adventure travel

The lake is an awesome goal for experience travel, with openings for exercises such as shake climbing, mountain biking, and white-water rafting. The encompassing range is domestic to numerous national parks and other secured zones, and numerous visit administrators offer guided experiences and exercises. For those looking for a more dynamic and energizing excursion, Lake Tanganyika is an incredible put to visit.

Unique vegetation and fauna

The lake is domestic to numerous species of plants and creatures that are found in no place else in the world. Guests can learn about these interesting species and see them in their characteristic habitat.

Some of the most curious and abnormal plants and creatures found in and around the lake incorporate monster water lilies, uncommon orchids, and endemic angle species. Whether you’re a botanist or cherish learning approximately modern and unordinary plants and creatures, you’ll discover bounty to find at Lake Tanganyika.

Hiking and open-air adventures

The encompassing region is domestic to numerous national parks and other secured zones, and guests can appreciate climbing bird watching, and other open-air exercises. The lake is found in a locale of Africa known for its assorted and lovely scenes, and some numerous trails and ways lead through the woodlands and slopes encompassing the lake. For those who cherish the outside, Lake Tanganyika is an awesome put to investigate and find unused things.

Water sports

The lake is a prevalent goal for water sports such as sculling, angling, and swimming. The clear, warm waters of the lake are culminating for these exercises, and there are numerous rental companies and visit administrators that offer hardware and guided visits. Whether you’re an experienced mariner or a fair need to spend a day swimming and unwinding on the shoreline, Lake Tanganyika has something for everyone. 

Beach activities

There are numerous lovely shorelines along the lake’s shore, and guests can appreciate exercises such as sunbathing, beachcombing, and picnics. The sandy shorelines and clear waters make for a culminate setting for an unwinding day at the shoreline, and there are numerous little resorts and inns found along the lake’s shores that offer comfortable housing and comforts. Whether you’re looking for a calm spot to unwind or a put to have a fun shoreline party, you’ll discover it at Lake Tanganyika.

Scenic beauty

Lake Tanganyika is known for its dazzling vistas and clear, blue waters. It is found in a locale of Africa known for its characteristic excellence, and the lake itself is a prevalent goal for visitors and nature enthusiasts.

The encompassing scene is different, with rolling slopes, thick woodlands, and sandy shorelines. The lake is too domestic to numerous species of fowls and creatures, making it an incredible put for bird watching and natural life perception. Whether you’re looking for a serene withdrawal or an experience in nature, Lake Tanganyika has something to offer.

Best Time to visit Lake Tanganyika

Lake Tanganyika is a charming put to visit nearly all the year circular since it has a direct central climate. June to September is the best time to set out on a trip to maximize the activities.

Things to Carry on Your Lake Tanganyika Safari

We’ve got you secured with our Tanzania pressing list to offer assistance to you get arrange for your dream trip to this excellent East African nation. These incorporate a few of the taking after; Layered, flexible clothing, Comfortable shoes, Sun assurance, Therapeutic unit, Day pack, Binoculars, and numerous others.

Where to remain on your Lake Tanganyika trip

Proper traveler-centered lake lodging in this region are Lake Tanganyika Resort, Mbali Mbali Gombe Hold up, Greystoke Mahale, Kigoma Ridge Inn, and Mbali Mbali Mahale Lodge


In conclusion, Lake Tanganyika is a wonderful and differing goal that has something to offer everybody. From its shocking vistas and assorted natural life to its wealthy social history and energizing open-air experiences, there are numerous reasons to visit this surprising put. Whether you’re looking for an unwinding shoreline excursion or an energizing enterprise, you’ll discover it at Lake Tanganyika.


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