Mount Sabinyo

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Mount Sabinyo Facts

The name Sabyinyo derives from a local dialect that may be translated as “old man’s tooth.” This is due to the fact that the form of the mountain resembles an old man’s teeth in a bulging gum, which is where the name originated.

Mount Sabyinyo may be found in southern Uganda, close to Mgahinga national park, and it extends into both Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo at the same time. This mountain contains three separate summits, the tallest of which stands at 3423 meters, the second highest at 3537 meters, and the third highest at 3669 meters, and it is located in three different nations (Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo). On the side of the mountain that is located in Mgahinga national park, which contains the largest portion of the mountain, hikers must use ladders to ascend to the beginning of the route. This is the same side of the mountain that is utilized for trekking.

Mount Sabyinyo is one of the eight mountain ranges that make up the Virunga Mountains. The other seven ranges are named as follows: Mount Nyiragongo, Mount Bisoke, Mount Nyamuragira, Mount Gahinga, Mount Muhabura, Mount Karisimbi, and Mount Mikeno. Most of the time, people can be seen traveling to the mountains to perform rituals as they seek for blessings and good luck from the gods. Mount Sabyinyo is the oldest among them, and because of this, it bears a big traditional emblem for the local people that live around it.

Mount Sabyinyo is surrounded by verdant forests, and its slopes are home to Hogalia forests. These forests contain a variety of tree species, and they serve as a habitat for a wide variety of plant and animal life, including mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, forest elephants, and various species of birds, such as Rwenzori batis, Rwenzori turaco, cape Robin-chat, black paradise flycatcher, speckled mouth bird, and many As a result of these one-of-a-kind features, travelers flock to Mgahinga national park in order to learn more about them by participating in a variety of activities, the most popular of which is gorilla trekking.

Trekking Mount. Sabyinyo.

The journey up Mount Sabyinyo takes around eight to nine hours, and the briefing begins at seven in the morning at the park headquarters. The briefing includes registering for the hike and receiving basic hiking equipment, such as a walking stick. Mount Sabyinyo provides the greatest climbing experience of the eight Virunga Mountain Volcanoes, and the peak of the mountain enables hikers to stand simultaneously in three different nations while providing a view of Lake Bunyonyi and Lake Kivu in neighboring Rwanda and Uganda.

Gorilla hiking at Mgahinga Gorilla National Park.

The sole gorilla family that can be located in this park is the Nyakagezi family, which may be seen by guests on the gorilla trekking excursions. The entire trip might last anywhere from two to seven hours, but guests will get to spend an hour observing this family of gorillas.

This trip is limited to only eight people per day, and it begins with a briefing given by a park ranger guide at the headquarters so that participants may become familiar with the gorilla trekking experience. It is recommended that vacationers employ porters at an additional expense to carry any additional luggage they may have.

Golden monkey hiking.

In the same vein as the gorilla trekking experience, the trekking of golden monkeys varies in that the use of a flashlight camera is permitted, and the cost of the trekking permit is sixty dollars for each individual. Nevertheless, golden monkeys, a rare species that may be found in Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park, are known to climb bamboo trees. This is in contrast to gorillas, which are often located on the ground, and only young gorillas have a tendency to climb trees in search of food. You may note that some of them are missing their tails. This is because, as they are playing, the tails tend to become tangled up in the bamboo trees, and eventually they are severed. They are known to be the most playful of all ape species.

viewing birds as a hobby

This is a possibility given that the park is home to over 200 different bird species, some of which are native to the Albertine region while others are exclusive to this area. Birds such as the cinnamon cheated Bee-eater, brown crowned change, cape Robin-chat, dusky turtle dove, cinnamon bracken warbler, buff spotted fluff tail, weird weaver, and cinnamon cheated Bee-eater are just few of the species that may be seen here.

Additional things to do include hiking the Batwa cultural route, taking nature walks, going to Lake Mutanda, and many more things. If you are thinking of going on a hike up Mount Sabyinyo, you don’t need to look any farther.


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