The Nile River: The World’s Longest River

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The Nile River: The World’s Longest River

Amidst the heart of Africa, a serpentine masterpiece well-known as the Nile River spanning over 4,000 miles emerges more than just a water course but rather embodies the essence of life, culture and time.

With its origins concealed in the mysteries of equatorial lakes and distant mountains, this majestic river embarks on an extraordinary journey across 11 countries, shaping the destiny of all who reside along its shadow.

From the humble highlands of East Africa, the Nile’s calm beginnings lie in the quiet embrace of the Africa’s largest freshwater lake – Lake Victoria.

As the waters swift down the lofty terrain, they breathe life into the surrounding wilderness while nurturing a vibrant ecosystem that thrives along its fertile banks from the papyrus-fringed deltas to the towering palms that line its course, the Nile River is a symphony of life that attracts both man and beasts.

What is the Nile River?

The Nile is the longest northward flowing river which originates in the northeastern region of Africa. The river drains into the Mediterranean Sea beyond Egypt. The river has historically been considered the longest river in the world, though this has been contested by research suggesting that the Amazon River is slightly longer. Of the world’s major rivers, the Nile is one of the smallest, as measured by annual flow in cubic metres of water.

About 6,650 km long, the Nile’s shadow cuts through eleven countries namely the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Sudan, Republic of the Sudan, and Egypt. In particular, the Nile is the primary water source of Egypt, Sudan and South Sudan. Additionally, the Nile is an important economic river, supporting agriculture and fishing.

Wildlife Along the Nile River

The Nile River habors a wide variety of wildlife such as the hippos, Nile crocodiles, and numerous species of fish. In addition to these larger land-dwelling creatures, there are hundreds of species of birds that call the riverbanks their home, as well as smaller mammals like bats, foxes, and jackals. Along the Nile are over 300 species of birds making the Nile a birders’ haven such as the Nile Valley sunbird one of the more striking birds with a bright yellow belly.

What are the activities to do at the Nile River?

Sport fishing

Fishing at the Albert Nile offers a complete safari experience and the most common fish species here are the Nile perch, tiger fish, electric catfish, babe’ fish among others. Fishing is illegal in the restricted areas and mainly done by boat.

White water rafting

Water rafting at the Victoria Nile in Murchison falls offers an awe-inspiring and thrilling experience. The eighth grade 3-5 water rapids are an adventurous rafting that offers unforgettable memories that hold unto the mind and soul.

Visiting Karuma falls

The stunning Karuma falls can be accessed on a launch boat cruise at the splendid Nile. After a launch from the bottom of the falls, you can take up an adventurous forty-five-minute walk to the top of the world’s beautiful falls 6m high and view the water flowing with placid streams to lake Albert.

Boat cruising

Boat cruises at Murchison falls National Park provides you with one of the most spectacular views in Africa with parks Flora and fauna and the mighty Nile flowing into lake Albert. The boat cruise is also crucial for bird lovers as they get an encounter up-close with numerous water birds and aquatic animals.

What can you see along the Nile River?

The Pyramids of Giza

The sheer spectacle and incredible engineering features are the famous Pyramids of Giza that have been a defining sight in Egypt throughout centuries and are among the ancient World Wonders to survive to the present day. These awe-inspiring royal mausoleums were built to last an eternity – and with over 4,500 years old are a testament to the prowess of ancient Egyptian construction.

Abu Simbel

The four, towering statues that dominate the entrance to Abu Simbel welcome you to one of Egypt’s most remarkable monuments. Created to project the power of ancient Egypt over Nubia and its southern neighbours, the main temple of Ramses II is lit by rays from the sun twice each year – once on Ramses birthday, and once on his coronation.

There is a smaller temple of Ramses II’s queen – Nefertari – and is one of the few places in Egypt where the male and female statues are the same size. Inside, scripts written on the walls tell tales of Ramses II’s military victories and his personal life.


Dating from 1392 BCE, Luxor is a treasure trove of ancient temples, buildings, and statues all packed into what was once the ancient city of Thebes – the pharaoh’s capital at the height of their power. Dubbed an ‘open-air museum’ for its vast array of archaeological delights, the eastern bank of the Nile is home to the Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple.

On the opposite western bank, the royal tombs of the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens reside. Exploring Luxor is a must, with the stunning mummification museum, the Mortuary Temple of Seti I, Temples of the Nobles, and the Luxor Museum all competing for attention.

Valley of the Kings

With some of our Nile River cruises starting in Luxor, the Valley of the Kings is an early excursion. Perhaps Egypt’s best-known site after the Great Pyramids of Giza, it was a burial ground for Pharaohs from Egypt’s 18th, 19th, and 20th dynasties.

There’s plenty to see on a Valley of the Kings tour, with 63 tombs in the valley itself – the most famous is that of Tutankhamun, discovered by Howard Carter in 1922. Many of the tombs have vivid wall paintings that are wonderful to witness. It’s worth visiting the nearby Temple of Deir el-Bahari; inside are statues and reliefs of Queen Hatshepsut demonstrating her equal authority to that of Male Pharaohs.


The Nile River cruises start or finish in the bustling, exciting, and vibrant city of Cairo. Historical sights appear to be everywhere in Cairo, but it’s the Egyptian Museum that is the jewel in the crown and is a treasure trove overflowing with ancient Egyptian artefacts.

You can enter the world-famous Royal Mummy room for a small, additional fee. The Egyptian capital has also been the backdrop for many Hollywood movies.

What are the Amazing Facts about the Nile River?

The longest river in Africa

This famous waterway is about 6,670 km (4,160 miles) and is the longest river in Africa. It is also believed to be the longest river in the world, but some scientists and sources cite that the Amazon is in fact the longest river by 105km (65 miles). The Nile is generally associated with Egypt even though only 22% of the river’s course runs through the country.

A lifeline to Egypt

The Nile runs through the country of Egypt and creates a fertile valley across the arid countryside. The name Nile comes from the Greek word Neilos meaning valley. Ancient Egyptians referred to the river as Ar – translating to black and ‘River of life’ given the black sediment it leaves behind.

The yearly flooding of the Nile also means that the crops can grow and then be harvested that year. As a result the Egyptians have worshipped this waterway and relied on it as a lifeline for food.

In conclusion, the Nile River spanning over 4,000 miles emerges more than just a water course but rather embodies the essence of life, culture and time. Explore the Nile River with Friendly Gorillas Safaris.


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